Prep Programs


Our early stages program is designed for infants 6 weeks to 14 months of age and is separated in 2 separate stages. Stage One is for babies 6 weeks of age to approximately 7 months old. Stage Two is designed for babies who have mastered the milestone of crawling and are learning to walk. Tuition: $185 per week.

Stage One Infants


A safe and secure “home away from home” environment where your child can play, learn, and grow into a happy healthy toddler. Stimulating activities and group interactions designed for only young infants. Individual special bonding time with your child’s caregiver/teacher. Daily communication with detailed information about your child’s day.

Stage Two Infants


A fun and challenging environment for your mobile infant to achieve the milestones of a one-year-old. Age-appropriate toys, games, and music to stimulate and encourage development. Nurturing, personal care that builds trust and a little one’s self esteem. Outdoor infant activities. Daily communication with detailed information about your child’s day.

Curriculum: High Scope Infant & Toddler
Curriculum Resources: Baby Babble and Baby Einstein


Our toddler program is for children approximately 14 months of age to 2 years old. Once a toddler takes to their feet a whole new world opens! When a toddler walks, and then starts to talk, a bright new world of curiosity blooms. Tuition: $185 per week.


A balance of nurturing, playtime, and learning throughout the day. Monthly thematic learning units. Learning centers full of music, art, math language, science, fine motor, and large motor development, and dramatic play. Development of self-esteem and the love of learning new things!

Curriculum: High Scope Toddler
Curriculum Resources: Leap Frog Phonics

K2 Preschool

Two-year-old children are very active, extremely excited about life, making new friends and they are excellent learners. Our K2 program emphasizes on language development to help children express themselves with words and sentences. Tuition: $185 per week.

  • Potty Training!
  • Large and small group activities designed for children at this age to development social skills, such as, sharing, taking turns, and making friends.
  • Learning areas that focus on dramatic play, music, arts & crafts, math, science, language & literacy, and sensory exploration.
  • Monthly thematic units, rich in daily activities and hands-on experiences.
  • Fun physical activities every day for healthy minds!
  • Daily communication with detailed information about your child’s day.

Curriculum: Experience Toddlers
Curriculum Resources: Learning Resources

K3 Preschool

Three-year-old children are eager to learn and are ready for our program that introduces language, math, science, and social skills in a logical, natural sequence to encourage in-depth learning one step at a time. K3 includes many fun cognitive skill building activities – memory games, making collages, puzzles, cooking projects, and several hands-on experiences. Tuition: $185 per week.

  • Thematic units that encourage curiosity, self-direction, confidence, problem solving and creativity.
  • Daily language activities that support literacy and language development.
  • Monthly portfolios that collect your child’s work and capture learning.
  • Art, music, and dance each day!
  • Hands-on math, science, and cooking projects.
  • Fun physical activities indoors and outdoors.
  • Exciting group activities to foster friendships.
  • Daily Spanish and Sign Language
  • Weekly newsletters for staff and parents to stay connected.

Curriculum: Experience Preschool
Curriculum Resources: Introduction to STEAM, Leap Frog Phonics, and Beginning Phonemic Awareness (Scholastic Teaching Resources)

K4 Kindergarten Prep

Pre-kindergarten is a crucial time for children as they begin a lifelong adventure of learning. Our K4 Prep program emphasizes on literacy and school readiness, both socially and academically. We use a variety of curriculums at this age to guarantee each child learns based on individual strengths. K4 is full of discovery, literacy, math, new ideas, events, and people. Tuition: $185 per week.

  • Literacy activities rich in phonics, vocabulary, syllables, rhyming, and reading.
  • Development of independent learning skills.
  • Art making – painting, writing, drawing, and collage making.
  • Science & Math-STEAM projects
  • Field trips!
  • Learning Centers
  • Music & Movement with daily YOGA!
  • Indoor and outdoor fun physical activities.
  • Weekly newsletters for staff and parents to stay connected.

Curriculum: Experience Preschool, I Can Read.
Curriculum Resources: Meet the Phonics, Sign Language, Spanish Class, Yoga Restoration, STEAM, and Scholastic Books.

School Age Club

School Age Before & After School – Summer Camp – School Holidays

The School Age Club is an enriching program that provides an engaging and safe environment where school age children can spend time with friends during non-school times. We provide transportation to and from neighborhood schools for before and after school care. We work with your child’s school calendar to offer fun-filled programs during summer, holidays, and out-of-school days.

Tuition: $185 per week (Summer & Holidays)
$100 per week (Before and After School)

  • Quiet space for homework.
  • Access to computers.
  • Age-appropriate learning centers.
  • Help with school projects and tutoring.
  • Exciting summer activities and field trips!
  • Outdoor games!

Curriculum: High Scope
Curriculum Resources: STEAM and Big Brain Academy